Past Installations and Repairs Gallery

We took extra care while installing these shutters to make sure they were even because of the varying sizes


These sunshades help protect the turtle pond and bbq area from baking in the sun

These sunshades are also wonderful for protecting you from harmful UV rays from the sun while outside during the summer months

Before                                                                                    After

1278139_356874064445260_1279624513_o  1292875_356874317778568_1405066010_o

 These exterior patio shades saved our customer $500 in just two months this summer


These shutters made this room feel bright and airy without obstructing the view to the outside

These shutters went perfectly with the theme of the real log cabin in Payson, AZ

1208746_362498333882833_1248013354_n photo

Thanks to Mighty Covers we were able to create a custom sail shade to protect their backyard and pool equipment

IMG_3997 IMG_4909 IMG_6620

Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

Left is a Hunter Douglas Vignette prior going into the Ultrasonic Cleaner the Right looks brand new again


In this room we used three different applications all in the same Hunter Douglas Shantung Dynasty Fabric

There are stationary side panels with Helser Bros. Tab Posts, Hunter Douglas Vignettes on the doors, and Hunter Douglas Pirouettes on the side windows.

IMG_0190 IMG_0191 IMG_0192

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